Scott Rękawiczki RC Team LF

Producent Scott
Kolekcja 2017

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149,00 zł brutto

black L 0
black M 0
black S 0
black XL 0
black XS 0
black XXL 0
bl/tanger or L 0
bl/tanger or M 0
bl/tanger or S 0
bl/tanger or XL 0
bl/tanger or XS 0
bl/tanger or XXL 0
blck/dk grey L 0
blck/dk grey M 0
blck/dk grey S 0
blck/dk grey XL 0
blck/dk grey XS 0
blck/dk grey XXL 0
blck/onl grn L 0
blck/onl grn M 0
blck/onl grn S 0
blck/onl grn XL 0
blck/onl grn XS 0
blck/onl grn XXL 0
blck/sul yel L 0
blck/sul yel M 1
blck/sul yel S 0
blck/sul yel XL 0
blck/sul yel XS 0
blck/sul yel XXL 0
blk/emp blue L 0
blk/emp blue M 0
blk/emp blue S 0
blk/emp blue XL 0
blk/emp blue XS 0
blk/emp blue XXL 0
blk/fiery rd L 0
blk/fiery rd M 0
blk/fiery rd S 0
blk/fiery rd XL 0
blk/fiery rd XS 0
blk/fiery rd XXL 0
white/red L 0
white/red M 0
white/red S 0
white/red XL 0
white/red XS 0
white/red XXL 0
sul ye/ma gr L 0
sul ye/ma gr M 0
sul ye/ma gr S 0
sul ye/ma gr XL 0
sul ye/ma gr XS 0
sul ye/ma gr XXL 0

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Lightness, extremely precise fit and comfort are the best terms to describe the SCOTT RC Team long finger glove. Thanks to the ventilated palm structure with thin padding, this glove remains highly breathable and the long finger construction makes it perfect to wear on your cooler road bike tours as well as on your everyday mountain bike rides.

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